Course Audit


Working through English 201 course material for the past six weeks has been an eye-opening experience. I have learned so much! I am excited to take this learning and apply it to the rest of my studies, and interact with other Digital Humanities projects as I continue schooling and my career. This was the first […]

Storymap: The Superpowers


Find my story map here. I chose to use Storymap.js to look at the 2019 list of Superpowers in the world. I decided on this topic because it relates to my final project, and is also very interesting to see where and why the countries are as powerful as they are. After doing some research […]

Rise and Fall of Power


This project will look at the power of civilizations throughout history and visualize their rise and fall based on a set of categories to define what Power means. Because the definition of “power” can change depending on the time period, culture, and people, the power of these civilizations will be based on their influence in: […]

Digital Humanities Projects

0 comments To find some digital Humanities Projects, I stumbled upon Digital Humanities Awards, which lists year by year from 2012-2018 many DH projects of note that have either won, or been nominated for an award in their category. ORBIS The first DH project I looked at is called ORBIS. This is an interactive map that […]