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Working through English 201 course material for the past six weeks has been an eye-opening experience. I have learned so much! I am excited to take this learning and apply it to the rest of my studies, and interact with other Digital Humanities projects as I continue schooling and my career.

This was the first online course that I have taken, and it was an excellent course to introduce me to this learning style. All course assignments being website posts and all readings/viewings being online as well really helped me to understand how important the Digital Humanities is, and how easy it is to integrate into other subjects and general life. All the resources I have used for this class I plan on using in the future like Mattermost, and Evernote. These will help me with future readings online, and help me organize my schedule.

When I first registered for this course, I didn’t really know what to expect. I had thought that it might be how to write journals and source information online. Boy, was I wrong! Instead I have learned about different presentation and data management tools and how to utilize them when creating content. I have learned how to analyze and present many different types of information, and this course has taught me to look at information more creatively than I had before. I really appreciate this new perspective; there is incredibly rich history and information within the arts, and it takes some good thinking to be able to develop a useful and knowledgeable resource.

Teachers Annelise and Grant have been encouraging and helpful every step of the way. They have been readily available to all students, and quick to respond with helpful and knowledgeable comments an answers. Their helpfulness was very important to this course as it is very technically focused on online resources that can be finicky at times. They made it easy to maneuver through complicated topics and programs, and helped us to apply our learning with excellent assignments, readings, and viewings every week.

I have really enjoyed this course but have had some difficulties. I had no idea about what the Digital Humanities was, and I didn’t really understand until the second or third week in. For those first weeks, I had a hard time understanding how all of these things related to DH and why they were important.

I have also struggled with the Final project. I had a really hard time coming up with an idea, as making “A Digital Humanities Project” is a very broad instruction. It was difficult too because I have only interacted with a few different platforms and tools to use, and trying to look up “DH Tools” gives you almost nothing unless you know the exact tool you are looking for. Without knowing all the tools I could use, I found it tricky to figure out what kind of project I could work on. I would have liked a bit more structure for this end project as well. While doing the research and trying to display it in an interactive way, I became unsure if I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. I think it might have been nice if there were maybe more assignments for us specific to the final project so we could build it as we went though. Maybe that way it would feel as if there were more guidelines and feedback to help us along the right track. I would have also liked to see a few different examples of what our end project could look like, so we could have more understanding of the expectations.

Even though I had some difficulties with the final project, I think it is a really cool way for us to show our knowledge. I think it is one of the best end class projects I’ve had to do.

By the end of this course, I finally do realize what the Digital Humanities is, what kinds of projects exist, and why they are important. Overall this has been a fun and interesting course that has taught me lots. I would definitely recommend this to my peers!

Thank you for a wonderful course experience! 🙂

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