Storymap: The Superpowers

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Find my story map here.

I chose to use Storymap.js to look at the 2019 list of Superpowers in the world. I decided on this topic because it relates to my final project, and is also very interesting to see where and why the countries are as powerful as they are.

After doing some research into what countries were considered “superpowers”, I decided to use the ten countries that I did because they were the ones listed the most consistently. I looked at articles and websites such as BusinessInsider, US News, and Independent. I also did some other research on my own to find more information as to why they were so powerful.

I liked using Storymap.js. It was easy to use and very user friendly, with lots of cool little options to play with. I liked that you can change the look of map to different styles to better suit your project, as well as the marker image too. You could even upload your own maps and markers, which was really cool. I think it was a great idea to have captions and credit space for the images included in the project too. I also like that you can change the colour of background for text, or change it to an image if you wanted. You can bold, italicize, and link text as needed.

One frustration I did have is that the map zoomed into different countries at different zoom amounts. I wanted to either have them all the same zoom, or to customize them according to how big the place was. It was a minor frustration, but I only wanted to be able to see the name of the countries and their borders. Other than that, it was extremely easy to use, and was very customizable.

This tool could be used for any number of things, as long as there was a place that can be referenced. Storymap could be used to document where ancient artifacts have been discovered, where plagues have occurred, recording facts about towns, regions, and countries.

The possibilities are endless, as long as the topic being discussed has a place. If there is no location recorded, Storymap really wouldn’t be that helpful. There were options for map settings that could provide a blank background and the markers could be placed wherever is liked to create a moving information page without any geographical restraints, but there are other programs that can allow you to do the same idea, but easier.

Storymap isn’t a good timeline tool, either. While you could easily include dates into this program, it doesn’t work like a timeline. It is based around location and the information attached to that location, not the date. It is more similar to a slide show than anything else, giving a lot of freedom to the user.

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